International VAT Refund from EU

Kvalitet Konto” refunds VAT to Bulgarian companies that have purchased goods or used services in the EU Member countries. VAT is a tax that increases your costs by around 20%. Tax as such is neutral for businesses, provided, however, that he be reinstated.

If you have:

  • transport costs;
  • costs of participation in exhibitions and conferences;
  • expenses for food and accommodation;
  • expenditure on advertising and promotional activities;
  • entertainment expenses and other,

then you are entitled to 100% refund.

The only thing we need are copies of invoices and expense authorization. We have the time, resources and current information, we have knowledge of the international law and have no problem with the language barrier. As soon as possible our customers receive their bank accounts reimbursement as our fee is payable only after the refund is not an additional burden on our customers.

  1. Who is able to refund VAT?
  2. Taxable person not established in the country, but in the territory of another EU country who respond of the following conditions:

    • For the recovery period there was no seat or establishment within the territory of the country;
    • Without activity with place of performance in the country, except the supply zero rated, transport services and services ancillary thereto, and / or supplies for which the recipient is a person – liable to pay tax under Art. 82, paragraph 2 of the VAT Act;
    • Person is registered for VAT in the State – State where it is established.

  3. What can be refunded?
  4. VAT for goods and services within the country , taxable transactions, as well as made it imports. That right there is where goods and services are used to supply the place of performance outside the country that have the right of deduction under Chapter Seven – “tax credit” of the VAT law, if the place of performance was in the country.